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Althea Turns 1 !

For this time, I will give to you an interesting information. Yes, Althea is coming to Indonesia! Wohooo.. For you who didn't know yet, Althea is a website that sell lots of products from makeup, skin care, hair care, nail care, etc and all the products are coming from Korea! Don't worry about the price, Althea always give a discount in many products. Visit :
So, this time I got a chance to enjoy Althea beta tester and in order to celebrate Althea's first birthday bash. So I choose my favorite products. My package has arrived and I have unboxing it.

Literally I choose so many product from head to toe. But in this review, I'll choose my best 3 products that I have used.

1. Hydrogel Eye Patch from Petitfee
Yessss, use it before you sleep to remove your eyebag. And ur eyes feel sooo fresh after you use it.
2. 5 Finger Nail Pack 
This product is my favourite too. For my dry skin, I have a dry and breakable nails too. So sad. I use it regularly to m…

Photo Facial at ZAP Clinic

Halo !
Blog kali ini akan berbahasa Indonesia, karena kali ini aku akan memberikan sedikit review soal treatment Photo Facial di ZAP. ZAP Clinic adalah salah satu klinik perawatan baik untuk wajah maupun tubuh. ZAP Clinic yang aku kunjungi adalah ZAP Clinic Semarang,  bertempat di Jalan Anggrek IV No.23, Pekunden, Simpang Lima, Pekunden, Semarang Tengah, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50241. 

Salah satu favorit treatment di ZAP adalah Photo Facial. ZAP Photo Facial adalah Rangkaian perawatan kulit wajah yang menggabungkan tiga teknologi modern untuk mendapatkan kondisi kulit wajah yang sehat. Seperti halnya olahraga bagi kulit, semakin sering dilakukan ZAP Photo Facial akan semakin baik untuk kulit. Kulit wajah akan menjadi lebih sehat, cerah dan bersih dari jerawat serta flek.
1. Klien dapat melakukan Konsultasi dengan dokter yang berkompeten sebelum melakukan treatment.
2.  Area wajah dibersihkan terlebih dahulu (disarankan untuk tidak memakai makeup ketika melaku…

Unboxing Package : Althea

Hello again,
Back again with me. Today I'll share something interesting with you guys, it's about unboxing package from Althea. Yeay! As you known Althea is a webstore from Korea, and sell many Korea's beauty product. Last few weeks ago, I've received my package nearly Chinese New Year (I still manage my time between my blogging time and preparing my fashion business LOL). 
So, here we go. 
I got a masksheet. 
Hand mask - written rich collagen (I wish this product can soften my hand like a baby hand)

And then Body Taping Patch from Tony Moly. For sure, I never tried this before, but I think it can make our body slimmer? Let's try ;)

This is a brush that still happening now.

My favorite item, Silky Perfect Foot Peeling. You know what this mean right? You'll get a soft skin like a baby.

 oh yeah this is my second favourite item!

Allright, so here is the end. Is that one of them your favourite too? Write down below so I'll know. 
Thankyou for reading. Don'…

Playing Cool with Jeans

Hi !

Back again with me. Today's talk is about jeans. As you know everyone love jeans (me either). Jeans can give you a different look depends on what jeans that you choose. Do you want to look cool, classic, boho or just casual?

1. If you want to stay classic, then you should choose a pipe jeans or skinny jeans. Longlasting baby!
2. If you want a little bit boho, then choose wide leg jeans. Boho yet edgy!
3. If you want a casual and boyish look, you should choose ripped jeans.
Colors that match to pair with jeans.... actually all of colors will match with jeans, right? But I have 3 favorite colors to match, they are :
1. White : this color is super stunning if you pair with jeans. Effortless but superstylish!
2. Black : this will give you a skinnier look, of course it's black. Black color always the best for you who are not confident with your body shape.
3. Grey  : my current basic color fave. Casual yet stylish!

And this is my look. I really love this jeans actually. It…

Spicy Mustard and How to Wear It

Hi, back again with me.

Todays talk is about mustard. Mustard is becoming a trend right now. And this is also a great color i think. Mustard is a yellow. Yellow shows warmth and happiness also it can increase your creativity. If you don't have any idea what mustard color be like, let's see this moodboard that I pick from Google.

Wearing mustard is a little bit tricky. If you pick a wrong color it'll look awful. Top 5 colors that match with mustard are :
1. Brown (the best color i think, you will get an autumn look)
2. Grey
3. Navy Blue
4. White (to get a summer look, wear this!)
5. Maroon or chestnut (same like brown, looks good for fall)

So, I have my looks too with mustard. This is one of my favorite color. Let's take a look 😁

From head to toe I wear :
Hijab      : +HIJUP
Top         : Zara
Cullote   : Zara
Bag        : Michael Kors
Slippers : Chiel Shoes

So, how do I look? I mix my mustard color (shows in my hijab) with navy and stripes. And this is for casual look…

Hijab and Fashion, Why Not?

This is the new me. I transform from my past to my future. Lots of people are shock and support me for the way I choose. Now I've found my faith and of course new hope by wearing hijab. Many people think that if wearing hijab means no more fashion. For me, it's TOTALLY WRONG.
We still can DO fashion. How? Create your idea like usual. If you're style is edgy, then do edgy. If you're chic before, then stay chic for now. Use colour and hijab style that match with your style. Just believe that wearing hijab is not a boundary for fashion. And the important thing is be confident. If you feel confident, you will always looks good. Believe yourself and create positive minds.

 Fun fact things about wearing hijab is that I can use layers without hesitate it'll looks awful or weird (believe me, I'm more comfortable using layers like in winter than using only one piece like in summer).

From head to toe I wear :
Hijab :  +HIJUP
White shirt : +ATSTHELABEL
Nude outer : +ATST…



Welcome to my blog again. A week ago, I've just visited Bali (for hundred times and never bored), and I come to one of lovely cafe named Kim Soo Home. It is located in Jl. Kayu Aya No.21, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361. At the first time I was in love with this place. It's warm, cozy and feels like home.

Actually, Kim Soo Home is a little cafe gallery. They have lots of homeware to sell and they arrange it properly so it looks like "real home". 

They sell all of item in there. You can see price tag everywhere lol. But it's ok for you who want to take a picture as long as you didn't ruin them. 

About the cafe, they serve not only coffee and cakes, but they serve another menu such as risotto, chicken with lemon (pardon if I'm wrong, hard to remember the name of food in menu lol). And of course with affordable price. 

Take a look at my outfit when I was there.

Top : +Shopatvelvet Webstore
Jumpsuit : Zara
Slippers : Chiel Shoes
Bag :…

Moodboard : Grey Black at La Kana Chapel

Earlier in this month, I've just visited a spa and resort near Semarang, it's Susan Spa and Resort. This place was so relaxing and fresh and of course they have an instagrammable place named La Kana Chapel. You only pay IDR 25K for taking picture in here plus you get voucher for restaurant. Don't forget to wear warm clothes because of the cold weather here.

This is my outfit when I was there. Because of the weather (when I went there, it was raining), I apply warm material in grey.

 Here is the detail :