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Working Duty Vacation

Hello !

Few weeks ago, I had a vacation to Lombok, and Gili Trawangan. Yeay! Let's say its like working on vacation. Yes, I had a business meeting there and had a vacation too. Sounds good.

So.... because of this vacation nearly like working duty, of course I have to pair my outfit to make it chic (bye bikinis!) and I choose white colour. Let's check and take a look.

First, I curled my hair, of course to make a beach hair look LOL. And then I wore a grey bandana from Forever 21. Seriously it will boost up ur look from basic become stylish. Don't forget take sunglasses and my fave matte lipstick from Lime Crime (Riot-Velvetines series).

Second, is about my outfit. I chose white colour there. And then I wore my comfortable shorts. Comfortable fabrics really matter here, because of the weather which is super hot !

 Is it good ? I'm just trying being chic in my working duty vacation there, LOL. So, don't judge :p

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New Step Forward


I currently move to this link address, and still working on rebuild my blog. Yes of course, my new blog will be lots of fashion review and I still wondering to give you all kind of fashion advice. I'm still learning too, yeah, so pray for me. *fingercross*

This picture is and old one. Lots of you must have visit this part of town. Where is it? Yeah correct. It is in Singapore. For one of you who want to take a quick ootd in here, I suggest you to come to Haji Lane.

This is my first post and I love about the idea behind this picture. Windows gives us a lot of perspective. And from that lots of perspectives, makes us think and learn.

My first fashion review is about being black. No matter what, black is my current favorite colour. Who's agree with me? Show ur hand. Black means basic. But.... I'm not talking about being plain. Add another colour to spice this black colour.

Now, I try to make "a little Korean look". How it looks like?

Here is the detail :
- Li…