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Welcome to my blog again. A week ago, I've just visited Bali (for hundred times and never bored), and I come to one of lovely cafe named Kim Soo Home. It is located in Jl. Kayu Aya No.21, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361. At the first time I was in love with this place. It's warm, cozy and feels like home.

Actually, Kim Soo Home is a little cafe gallery. They have lots of homeware to sell and they arrange it properly so it looks like "real home". 

They sell all of item in there. You can see price tag everywhere lol. But it's ok for you who want to take a picture as long as you didn't ruin them. 

About the cafe, they serve not only coffee and cakes, but they serve another menu such as risotto, chicken with lemon (pardon if I'm wrong, hard to remember the name of food in menu lol). And of course with affordable price. 

Take a look at my outfit when I was there.

Top : +Shopatvelvet Webstore
Jumpsuit : Zara
Slippers : Chiel Shoes
Bag :…

Moodboard : Grey Black at La Kana Chapel

Earlier in this month, I've just visited a spa and resort near Semarang, it's Susan Spa and Resort. This place was so relaxing and fresh and of course they have an instagrammable place named La Kana Chapel. You only pay IDR 25K for taking picture in here plus you get voucher for restaurant. Don't forget to wear warm clothes because of the cold weather here.

This is my outfit when I was there. Because of the weather (when I went there, it was raining), I apply warm material in grey.

 Here is the detail :

La Laguna : Feel the Gipsy Vibe

Let me tell you about something interesting in Bali. Last Thursday I've just visited Bali for a super short holiday. And I visited La Laguna Cafe. It locate in Canggu, Bali. Actually it is not my first time there. I love the vibe, the warmth, the food, the music, etc. You can feel the gipsy vibe there. Flowers, candles, and wood create the warmth.
 One spot that you must capture here. Sooo beautiful and of course so instagrammable.

Another instagrammable place. The food taste scale from 1 to 10 is 8. If you want to come here, you must spent about IDR 150k/person.
And when the sunset come, it looks beautifully from here.
So, what do you think? From 1 to 10, I give 8,5 for the whole in it, like the vibe, the food, etc.
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Indri Purwandari

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz CC - Blush On Cream

I've just received my package from Clozette Indonesia and so excited about the product. Yes, it's Too Cool For School Dinoplatz CC and Cheek Color Cream! This is 2 in 1 product. I get this CC cream for my daily makeup, and of course I get Cheek Color too. So, it has two function in one package! 
Actually, Too Cool For School made 3 different combination. They are cheek color, highlighter, and concealer. This time I'll review about CC x Cheek Color Cream.
Cc Cream Cc Cream contains of moisturizer, antiaging, brightening, smoothing, firming, evening out skin tone and of course SPF 30 UV Protection. The texture is light so you can use it in your daily makeup. Before After

Cheek Color Cream
 The color is orange, and the texture is creamy. 
Before After
and this is the look when I use this product. 

What do you think after all? I guess most of you will love this product like me. From 1-10 i give 8 for this Dinoplatz. 
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Venetian and Halloween Fashion Project

Masquerade, black colour, lace, so what is it about? Yes, this is a costume for Halloween project. Halloween doesn't always have to look scary. In this project we added a Venetian look. Why we? This is a school project and we made it as a team. 
To get a Halloween look, of course we choose black colour. And to add Venetian look, we give a detail like lace, gold, and mask to give a little fancy and mysterious look. So how it looks ?

Check this video to know how to made it.  I
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How To Be A Smart Bag's Shopper

Being a woman is close by buying fashion item such as bags. Because lots of woman likes shopping. And of course almost of them buy everything that they likes in the first time. The key word of that is "wah ini lucu banget" or etc. LOL. But in this post I will try to give you some advice what should have to buy and not, sooo you can be a smart shopper. 
1. Know the purpose from buying bags. If you are in love with a bags and want to buy it so much, you have to describe : - why ; why you buy the bag, what is the occasion like the bags very useful for office, or for holiday.  - when ; when will you wear that bag, and how many times you will wear that. If you only use for once, I think you shouldn't buy that. - where ; where will you wear that bag, is that use only for one event or you can wear the bag anywhere you go. - what ; what will you wear with, is that your outfit will match with the bag or not.
2. Must have item - universal bags. You know Longchamp Le Pliage? Yes I suggest …