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Whoaaa sorry for not active in this blog. I've had the most amazing and struggling months to prepare my wedding! Yes, I'm not so young anymore, and now I've officially a wife of a great husband. It's an incredible feeling, don't you think?

Now, I will share to you some of my wedding stuff and focusing on the attires. So many people ask me about the kebaya or makeup, and I can't answer one by one in my Instagram, so.....check this out.
For akad time, I made a white kebaya like this. I keep this simple and clean, and of course, I choose one of my currently fave colour: white.

For makeup and paes, I used Javanese style and focusing on Solo style. In Java, we use hairbun or sanggul or konde, and give "tusuk pentul" to make the bride shine like the sun. Such an amazing belief. This kebaya I made in my friend's recommendation designer, based in Semarang, check this talented woman, call her Mbak Tri (IG : @modiste_liesty).

For my wedding reception, I used this lovely kebaya. I made it in Bu Inar based in Jakarta, Pondok Pinang (IG: @prestigebyinar)

I really love this kebaya and beskap. Bu Inar made it with only one fitting and it fit until the day. Super lovely. I am one of her fans after I saw her kebaya in Arumi Bachsin's wedding. And this suede kebaya is different with another suede kebaya I've ever found. This kebaya and beskap made by her, and she gives us blangkon and couple of shoes design by her too, so we got a whole package! Two thumbs bu Inar! 😻 
And for the last time, my whole makeup and paes, made by Ibu Dwi from Sanggar Rias Pandan Wangi Semarang (IG : @sanggarpandanwangismg). She is super talented, she made my face looks different or in Javanese people they always said "manglingi". Alhamdulillah..

I wish you enjoy my blog. I promise I will post in here regularly. To check my another outfit stuff, look at my instagram (@indripurwandari). Don't forget to double tap if you love. 



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