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Acne, Go Away!

After I considerate this blog to talk about my personal style and all about beauty, now I will tell you about how to reduce acne in your face. Everyone should have experience with this. For me, too. It is sooooo annoying, right? 
I fall in love to this two brands, The Body Shop Tea Tree and Kiehls. I'll explain to you one by one. 

Most of you should have known this product. Yes, this products from The Body Shop and they are Tea Tree Series. Use it everyday, just like using your daily skin care.  First of all, wash your face using your facial wash (it doesn't matter with another brand). The second is, use The Body Shop Daily Solution. 
This is an oil serum that contains Organic tea tree from Kenya. It will help to reduce acne, so use it everyday even if there is no acne in your skin. 
 Applied to your skin like 2-3 drop using your finger twice a day (in the morning and night before you sleep).
After using oil serum, you can continue apply Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion.
Use it twice a day…

Althea Turns 1 !

For this time, I will give to you an interesting information. Yes, Althea is coming to Indonesia! Wohooo.. For you who didn't know yet, Althea is a website that sell lots of products from makeup, skin care, hair care, nail care, etc and all the products are coming from Korea! Don't worry about the price, Althea always give a discount in many products. Visit :
So, this time I got a chance to enjoy Althea beta tester and in order to celebrate Althea's first birthday bash. So I choose my favorite products. My package has arrived and I have unboxing it.

Literally I choose so many product from head to toe. But in this review, I'll choose my best 3 products that I have used.

1. Hydrogel Eye Patch from Petitfee
Yessss, use it before you sleep to remove your eyebag. And ur eyes feel sooo fresh after you use it.
2. 5 Finger Nail Pack 
This product is my favourite too. For my dry skin, I have a dry and breakable nails too. So sad. I use it regularly to m…

Short Trip to Bandung

Obviously, my trip to Bandung for this time is for attending my best's wedding. And me of course becoming one of her bridesmaid. My skin was soooo confused about the weather. Currently I've just moved from Jakarta to Semarang, which is the weather here is always sunny, it's about 36-40 degrees Celcius. So hot! And when I went to Bandung, the weather nearly 27 degrees Celcius there. Don't forget to always bring body butter so ur skin will always healthy.
In Saturday, me and my husband went to this cool cafe, Lawang Wangi in Dago. So here is my look there. 

Wearing palazzo pants is super comfort. Mix it with coat or jacket. 

The weather was really nice in that day.
And for the next day, I worn those loveable pants. Notes for you who are petite like me, don't forget to wear high heels to get longer leg. 

So, here is my tips for you. 1. To wear palazzo pants who have a petite body like me, don't forget to wear high heels or outwear who can make your body structure longer…

Batu? Here we go!

When I had planned to go to Batu, I was super excited. Batu is a small town in Malang, the weather is nearly like Lembang in Bandung or Puncak. It is cold but sun still appear. So, I went there to attend my bestfriend wedding. After that, I took a look at Museum Angkut. But I amazed with this town, because this town has grown so fast. 
So, this time I'll show you how I dressed up because of this cold weather. I used bomber jacket and cullote. 
With my new bob hair 

What I wore head to toe : Bomber jacket : Zara Cullote             : Zara Bag                  : Dowa Bag Shoes               : Staccato
Now, I'll give you a sneakpeek what's in there.
This theme is hollywood street. 
This theme is UK Kingdom. 

And they have many of theme there such as Chinatown, Indonesia, etc.
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Indri Purwandari

Almost 27 Dresses

Have you ever watched 27 Dresses movie? Yes, that movie was about a girl being a bridesmaid. Not only once, she became a bridesmaid in 27 times. Being bridesmaid in mid 20 age, means like that movie. Every single time invitation comes with the bridesmaid card and material. For me, I always excited when my friend ask me to be her bridesmaid. So here is the recap. I pick my fave in here.1. It could be a dress   One of my fave, the colour just like a sunset.

 This one is my favourite too, salmon colour can brighten my skin tone.

 And don't forget my fave, is about drappery stuff.

2. It could be a kebaya (kutubaru & kartini) This currently my favourite colour.

There is no me in this photo, but I love it so much. Introduce to you all, they are my bridesmaids.

Kutubaru can be in flower pattern too.. So classic!

3. It could be a modern outfit with jarik Love this theme, we wore lurik in modern way.

All white, super loveee! 

Make a black top like this, can increase your effortless look. 

So... Wh…

August and Bali

When you hear about Bali, perhaps you can imagine beautiful sea, sand, and sun, of course with it's beauty sunset. Last August, I went there (for me, i don't know how many times I've go there, but I never get bored about this island). What I can't forget is that it's summer vibe. Every month is always summer. So, my last trip there, I went to several famous place nowadays, such as, Sea Circus, La Laguna, Rimba Jimbaran, Blue Heaven, etc. I will show my summer look in there. ;)

Whoaa, do you feel that summer? Because I do. Don't forget to follow my instagram @indripurwandari. See ya in another post.