Acne, Go Away!

After I considerate this blog to talk about my personal style and all about beauty, now I will tell you about how to reduce acne in your face. Everyone should have experience with this. For me, too. It is sooooo annoying, right? 

I fall in love to this two brands, The Body Shop Tea Tree and Kiehls. I'll explain to you one by one. 

Most of you should have known this product. Yes, this products from The Body Shop and they are Tea Tree Series. Use it everyday, just like using your daily skin care. 
First of all, wash your face using your facial wash (it doesn't matter with another brand). The second is, use The Body Shop Daily Solution. 
This is an oil serum that contains Organic tea tree from Kenya. It will help to reduce acne, so use it everyday even if there is no acne in your skin. 
 Applied to your skin like 2-3 drop using your finger twice a day (in the morning and night before you sleep).
After using oil serum, you can continue apply Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion.
Use it twice a day too after using oil serum. 
Note for you, do not combine with any of doctor's daily care. And use it only if you have blemished skin, and oily skin, like lot of acne in your face area. After one or two weeks your acne will reduce and your skin will get better. I have try it to my husband, so it's real 😆

If you have only one or two acne, in women it always appear when we are in pra menstruation (PMS), so, I will recommend to you to use this product below.
Apply this cream only in your acne, not in whole of your face. 

That's all my tips for today. Don't forget to reach my instagram @indripurwandari for another update. I'll see you in my next review.


Indri Purwandari


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