Almost 27 Dresses

Have you ever watched 27 Dresses movie? Yes, that movie was about a girl being a bridesmaid. Not only once, she became a bridesmaid in 27 times. Being bridesmaid in mid 20 age, means like that movie. Every single time invitation comes with the bridesmaid card and material. For me, I always excited when my friend ask me to be her bridesmaid. So here is the recap. I pick my fave in here.
1. It could be a dress 
 One of my fave, the colour just like a sunset.
 This one is my favourite too, salmon colour can brighten my skin tone.
 And don't forget my fave, is about drappery stuff.

2. It could be a kebaya (kutubaru & kartini)
This currently my favourite colour.

There is no me in this photo, but I love it so much. Introduce to you all, they are my bridesmaids.
Kutubaru can be in flower pattern too.. So classic!

3. It could be a modern outfit with jarik
Love this theme, we wore lurik in modern way.
All white, super loveee! 

Make a black top like this, can increase your effortless look. 

So... What else? Actually I still have many of my bridesmaid gown or kebaya. And of course I made my own design. If one of you want to make a bridesmaid gown or kebaya, don't hesitate to contact me. I will help you to make you the best bridesmaid. ;)

Thanks for reading. I'll see you in another post. Don't forget to follow my ig : @indripurwandari .


Indri Purwandari


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