Althea Turns 1 !


For this time, I will give to you an interesting information. Yes, Althea is coming to Indonesia! Wohooo.. For you who didn't know yet, Althea is a website that sell lots of products from makeup, skin care, hair care, nail care, etc and all the products are coming from Korea! Don't worry about the price, Althea always give a discount in many products. Visit :

So, this time I got a chance to enjoy Althea beta tester and in order to celebrate Althea's first birthday bash. So I choose my favorite products. My package has arrived and I have unboxing it.


Literally I choose so many product from head to toe. But in this review, I'll choose my best 3 products that I have used.

1. Hydrogel Eye Patch from Petitfee
Yessss, use it before you sleep to remove your eyebag. And ur eyes feel sooo fresh after you use it.
2. 5 Finger Nail Pack 
This product is my favourite too. For my dry skin, I have a dry and breakable nails too. So sad. I use it regularly to mousterize my nail again.
When you use it, you still can do another activity, even you can use ur smartphone. LOL.

3. Peel Off Withshyan
This product helps you to make nail art by yourself. Be creative with your nail. Yeay!

Thank you again for Althea for your support. Don't forget to visit Althea's website in and try to buy, once again, don't worry about the price. So affordable!

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Indri Purwandari


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