Batu? Here we go!

When I had planned to go to Batu, I was super excited. Batu is a small town in Malang, the weather is nearly like Lembang in Bandung or Puncak. It is cold but sun still appear. So, I went there to attend my bestfriend wedding. After that, I took a look at Museum Angkut. But I amazed with this town, because this town has grown so fast. 

So, this time I'll show you how I dressed up because of this cold weather. I used bomber jacket and cullote. 
With my new bob hair 

 What I wore head to toe :
Bomber jacket : Zara
Cullote             : Zara
Bag                  : Dowa Bag
Shoes               : Staccato

Now, I'll give you a sneakpeek what's in there.

This theme is hollywood street. 

This theme is UK Kingdom. 
And they have many of theme there such as Chinatown, Indonesia, etc.

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Indri Purwandari


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