Short Trip to Bandung

Obviously, my trip to Bandung for this time is for attending my best's wedding. And me of course becoming one of her bridesmaid. My skin was soooo confused about the weather. Currently I've just moved from Jakarta to Semarang, which is the weather here is always sunny, it's about 36-40 degrees Celcius. So hot! And when I went to Bandung, the weather nearly 27 degrees Celcius there. Don't forget to always bring body butter so ur skin will always healthy.

In Saturday, me and my husband went to this cool cafe, Lawang Wangi in Dago. So here is my look there. 
Wearing palazzo pants is super comfort. Mix it with coat or jacket. 

The weather was really nice in that day.

And for the next day, I worn those loveable pants. Notes for you who are petite like me, don't forget to wear high heels to get longer leg. 

So, here is my tips for you.
1. To wear palazzo pants who have a petite body like me, don't forget to wear high heels or outwear who can make your body structure longer like coat or cropped top.
2. To wear a pants with accent and you have a petite body, wear high heels because this short will make you shorter if you wear flat shoes. 

Here it is. Thanks for reading. Don't forget to visit and follow my instagram account @indripurwandari.




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