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Venetian and Halloween Fashion Project

Masquerade, black colour, lace, so what is it about? Yes, this is a costume for Halloween project. Halloween doesn't always have to look scary. In this project we added a Venetian look. Why we? This is a school project and we made it as a team. 
To get a Halloween look, of course we choose black colour. And to add Venetian look, we give a detail like lace, gold, and mask to give a little fancy and mysterious look. So how it looks ?

Check this video to know how to made it.  I
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How To Be A Smart Bag's Shopper

Being a woman is close by buying fashion item such as bags. Because lots of woman likes shopping. And of course almost of them buy everything that they likes in the first time. The key word of that is "wah ini lucu banget" or etc. LOL. But in this post I will try to give you some advice what should have to buy and not, sooo you can be a smart shopper. 
1. Know the purpose from buying bags. If you are in love with a bags and want to buy it so much, you have to describe : - why ; why you buy the bag, what is the occasion like the bags very useful for office, or for holiday.  - when ; when will you wear that bag, and how many times you will wear that. If you only use for once, I think you shouldn't buy that. - where ; where will you wear that bag, is that use only for one event or you can wear the bag anywhere you go. - what ; what will you wear with, is that your outfit will match with the bag or not.
2. Must have item - universal bags. You know Longchamp Le Pliage? Yes I suggest …