Hijab and Fashion, Why Not?

This is the new me. I transform from my past to my future. Lots of people are shock and support me for the way I choose. Now I've found my faith and of course new hope by wearing hijab. Many people think that if wearing hijab means no more fashion. For me, it's TOTALLY WRONG.

We still can DO fashion. How? Create your idea like usual. If you're style is edgy, then do edgy. If you're chic before, then stay chic for now. Use colour and hijab style that match with your style. Just believe that wearing hijab is not a boundary for fashion. And the important thing is be confident. If you feel confident, you will always looks good. Believe yourself and create positive minds.

Hijab by +HIJUP 

 Fun fact things about wearing hijab is that I can use layers without hesitate it'll looks awful or weird (believe me, I'm more comfortable using layers like in winter than using only one piece like in summer).

From head to toe I wear :
Hijab :  +HIJUP
White shirt : +ATSTHELABEL
Nude outer : +ATSTHELABEL
Grey Palazzo : +ATSTHELABEL
Shoes : @staccato

So this is it. Check my page recently and don't forget to check my instagram @indripurwandari for another update.


Indri Purwandari


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