Playing Cool with Jeans

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Back again with me. Today's talk is about jeans. As you know everyone love jeans (me either). Jeans can give you a different look depends on what jeans that you choose. Do you want to look cool, classic, boho or just casual?

1. If you want to stay classic, then you should choose a pipe jeans or skinny jeans. Longlasting baby!
source : Google
2. If you want a little bit boho, then choose wide leg jeans. Boho yet edgy!
Source : Google
3. If you want a casual and boyish look, you should choose ripped jeans.
Source : Google
Colors that match to pair with jeans.... actually all of colors will match with jeans, right? But I have 3 favorite colors to match, they are :
1. White : this color is super stunning if you pair with jeans. Effortless but superstylish!
2. Black : this will give you a skinnier look, of course it's black. Black color always the best for you who are not confident with your body shape.
3. Grey  : my current basic color fave. Casual yet stylish!

And this is my look. I really love this jeans actually. It'll give you a little bit weird and edgy looks. LOL.

I mix jeans with grey color to get a casual look. From head to toe I wear :
Hijab : Maima Shawl
Top    : Shopatvelvet
Coat   : Pull & Bear
Jeans  : Alexalexa
Bag    : Kate Spade
Sandal: Mango

For another update take a look at my instagram @indripurwandari. I'll see ya in another post.


Indri Purwandari


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