Unboxing Package : Althea

Hello again,

Back again with me. Today I'll share something interesting with you guys, it's about unboxing package from Althea. Yeay! As you known Althea is a webstore from Korea, and sell many Korea's beauty product. Last few weeks ago, I've received my package nearly Chinese New Year (I still manage my time between my blogging time and preparing my fashion business LOL). 

So, here we go. 

I got a masksheet. 

Hand mask - written rich collagen (I wish this product can soften my hand like a baby hand)

And then Body Taping Patch from Tony Moly. For sure, I never tried this before, but I think it can make our body slimmer? Let's try ;)

This is a brush that still happening now.

My favorite item, Silky Perfect Foot Peeling. You know what this mean right? You'll get a soft skin like a baby.

 oh yeah this is my second favourite item!

Allright, so here is the end. Is that one of them your favourite too? Write down below so I'll know. 

Thankyou for reading. Don't forget to check my instagram @indripurwandari for another update.




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