What's Hype in Bali : Panama Kitchen & Pool

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Back again with me in Lifestyle & Travel Section. For you who already travel to Bali (or not yet but you want to soon and still searching the hype cafe in town), yes, you may heard PANAMA Kitchen & Pool. Sooo, actually I've visited this place for months ago, but I'm trying to blog it even if it's too late (i think?).

Panama Kitchen & Pool is located in Canggu, near Finn's Beach Club. This is a little cafe with cozy place and situation. You'll find a pool here, of course it's Bali.

This place open at 8 AM, and when you came here at this early, they'll serve you a brunch menu. I can't remember the amount, but they have term & condition when you came here. They have a minimum payment for each person approximately IDR 120K-150K (correct me if I'm wrong, I almost forgot).

i forgot about the name, but it's delicious. it's tuna :)

and this place is soooo instagrammable. You can take a photograph everywhere and the waiter/tress will help you :) I have some of picture that I've taken in there. Look at the interior. So beautiful and so tropical.

taken in Panama Kitchen & Pool with husband ;)

After all, I give it 7.5/10 only because there is no air conditioning here LOL (...sorry). But honestly, when in Bali, it's always summer. And for me (maybe because I am a newbie in wearing hijab, I feel sooo hot in here). So what do you think? Tell me ur opinion in comment below.

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