Dream Big and Make it Happen

Hi guys!!

First of all, i have to say Happy New Year for all of you eventhough this is almost the end of January. I might be a lazy blogger because I have a purpose that I have to reach. LOL

I am in my own journey to reach my dream as a fashion designer. Actually, I have finished my school at LPTB Susan Budihardjo Semarang. Why not in Jakarta? Because for many reason, I had to left Jakarta and starting new life again in my home town, Semarang with my husband. So, I tried to pursue my dream from childhood, being a fashion designer.

And recently, I've finished it and have started my own business from a year ago. Yieay, I smell that my dream almost comes true.

Here it is my portofolio at my annual show last November 2017. This collection inspired by the midpoint of Japanese culture from the modern side and the old one.

Also check :

So, here it is about my last annual show. It was the first step to get into fashion business life. And it can't be easy too. But I always believe that if you dream big and set in your brain that your dream will comes true, then the universe will lead us to reach it, even if you go to wrong direction, but somehow it will get to the right direction in the end. Stay dream big and make it happen!

Reach my instagram to get more new stuff @indripurwandari and my business line @indripurwandari_official for more portofolio and maybe some of you will be my client? who knows? LOL




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